Businesses Must Act Quickly With Claims Of Bed Bug Infestations Part I Of II

There’s no question that bed bugs are bad for any business.  The sheer mention of the bloodsuckers can drive customers away.  Who can blame them as nobody wants to intentionally cause a bed bug infestation in their home.  The internet is a powerful tool for consumers to obtain information for all types of bed bug information…good and bad.  Hotels must be fast acting of any bed bug complaints because guests can easily post information about their bed bug encounters on websites such as or  With a few simple key strokes, would-be travelers can quickly obtain information that is submitted by other travelers about their bed bug encounters, and the reactions from the hotels or motels in question, report New York City pest control professionals.  Additionally, there is even a new Smartphone Application that consumers can pay for that will provide immediate up-to-date information in which bed bug sightings are pin-pointed in major metropolitan cities in the United States.

One international airline is feeling the pinch this week from an airline passenger who claims that she shared her coach seat with some unwanted traveling companions during flight on February 5th.  She claims that soon after boarding her flight in Los Angeles that she noticed a small bug crawling on the seat in front on her.  The tiny bug quickly disappeared into headrest of the occupied seat.  She claims that several hours into the flight, once the lights were dim, she encountered what she believed to be the same little bugger again, this time on her finger.  Disgusted, and not knowing what it was, she flicked it.  Still worried about the bug, she soon turned on her overhead light and saw another tiny bug crawling on her blanket.  With the help of her seatmate, the bug and the blanket were discarded into the aisle.  Upon visiting the airplane restroom, the passenger discovered many live smaller bed bugs crawling on her shirt and one blood stain.

She states that she notified the airline staff but claims that no apology was given for the incident and states that they were not very accommodating about the bed bugs nibbling on the passengers.  She states that when the pair asked for new seats, they were offered ones close by the infested ones.  It was only after her seatmate complained loudly that the pair were upgraded to business class for their troubles.

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A New Bed Bug Detector…Maybe

Recent media reports have showcased the efforts that New York City pest control experts are using to win the war on bed bug infestations that are plaguing residents.  Bed bug sniffing dogs are now being used to sniff out NYC bed bug infestations in homes and businesses alike.  The nose of a dog is so amazing that it is able to detect both live and dead bed bugs, as well as bed bug eggs.  Because of the rampant NYC bed bug infestation rates, many would-be apartment and condo renters are turning to NYC pest control experts for bed bug sniffing dog services before they sign a rental contract as well.

There could be some help on the horizon with bed bug detection if two Georgia scientists have their way.  They claim that they have a discovered a new tool to help discover bed bug infestations.  The scientists claim that they have been able to train non-stinging parasitic wasps to detect a variety of different scents like explosives, drugs, and even bed bug pheromones.

The scientists say they are in need of $200,000 for research and development costs.  Unlike with chemical discovery, there is no existing infrastructure to tap into for training bugs to swarm, so the search is on for financial backers for the project.  One drawback to using the wasps for scent detection is that they have a short lifespan of only about 3 weeks.  The scientists do note that despite their short lifespan, the wasps can be produced in large numbers for pennies per thousand so they still could be a beneficial investment.

Some people may shy away from the claims of the scientists in the end.  Time will tell if industry experts will embrace this interesting discovery.

While we are waiting for the wasp outcome, you can find the best bed bug sniffer dogs available at Stern Environmental Group.  They can easily detect NYC and NJ bed bug infestations in a fraction of the time that it would take a human. Let Stern Environmental Group find and eradicate your bed bugs!

New Proposed Bed Bug Legislation In Connecticut Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

Proposed Bill No. 540 would require landlords to advise tenants if bed bugs have been present in any rental unit within the past year.  Bed bugs are very resilient and can abstain from eating for up to 18 months.  Additionally, they have proven to be pesticide resistant.  Tenants should be advised of a property’s history so that they can have the option of choosing another rental property instead of one which may potentially contain bed bugs.  The Proposed Bill also stipulates that a landlord must make “reasonable efforts” to rid a rental property of bed bugs once they have been notified of the presence of bed bugs.  The wording of “reasonable efforts” is a bit vague and will likely be one that is disputed between the landlord and tenant.  In the Proposed Bill, tenants would be required to cooperate with a landlord’s effort to eradicate bed bugs.  This is an absolute must, especially in multi-unit dwellings, as without full cooperation, bed bugs will continue to multiply and travel from unit to unit.

The Proposed Bill would also require the Department of Health to develop protocol for citizens for the disposal of bed bug infested mattresses and furniture.  New York City recently implemented legislation that requires all discarded mattress to be completely sealed in plastic before it is placed curbside in order to help stop the spread of NYC bed bugs and protect sanitation workers.  Proposed Bill No. 540 would also require the Department of Public Health to develop an educational campaign to teach people how to avoid bed bug infestations and to educate the public on how to deal with the critters if they are unfortunate enough to become infested with bed bugs.

It’s great news to hear that another state is taking bed bug infestation issues seriously.  Any laws created are another line of defense in the war on bed bug infestations.  Awareness and avoidance will help American’s keep homes free of a bed bug infestation.  If you are one of the unlucky folks to that happen to bring bed bugs home with you, don’t panic; call Stern Environmental Group.  We provide expert bed bug eradication services to New Jersey, New York, New York City, and some Connecticut areas.

New Proposed Bed Bug Legislation In Connecticut Part I Of II

With bed bug infestations now reported in all 50 states and the recent survey from the National Pest Management Association showing that one out of every five American’s has either encountered bed bugs themselves, or knows of someone who has encountered the nasty bugs, it’s not surprising that many states are clamoring to develop bed bug legislation to protect their citizens.

New York City bed bug infestations have continued to plague residents and lawmakers have been working on various legislations to protect the public.  Some bills have passed; some have failed.  The proposed bills that have failed to pass died in the New York legislation mostly because of funding reasons.

Connecticut is the latest state to develop bed bug bills for lawmakers to vote upon. There are currently three proposed bed bug bills for the Connecticut Senate and House of Representatives to mill over.  Here’s what issues are being considered…

Proposed Bill 5858 would require companies that re-manufacture mattresses to provide proof that the mattresses have been inspected for bed bugs and that they are free of bed bugs.  Bed bugs are excellent at hiding in any type of crack or crevice and clutter provides ample hiding spots and breeding grounds for the bugs.  Mattresses are definitely a hot spot for bed bug activity.  Bed bug fecal matter, blood smears, and adult bed bugs are easy to detect on the exterior surface of a mattress.  Bed bug eggs and young (nymph) bed bugs are very difficult to spot. Bed bug eggs are very tiny, white-ish/yellow-ish colored, with a sticky substance on the exterior.  Nymphs are small as well and very difficult to see. Bed bug infestations can easily be transferred via used mattresses so people should be wary of purchasing one and never pick up one that is placed curbside.  A bed bug must receive a blood meal in order for it to reach each stage of development so it’s important to catch any infestation early.

Proposed Bill 5874 would require that companies that provide rental furniture services inspect the furniture for bed bugs prior to the furniture being rented and provide certification that it is bed bug free.  This is good news as many consumers in the United States have launched complaints in recent years against various furniture rental companies stating that they have received used furniture that is infested with bed bugs.  Consumers are often blindsided by the nighttime attacks of bed bugs and the ensuing costs in eradicating the bugs when they rent used furniture.  Furniture rental companies often blame any bed bug infestation issue on the consumer who has entered into a rental contract so there is often a dispute as to who is at fault.  If you choose to rent furniture, it would be wise to have a bed bug sniffing dog check out the furniture before you bring it into your home.

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Bed Bug Infestations from Uncommon Places

It should probably come as no surprise that the majority of bed bug experts cite hotels and motels as having the highest possible risk of exposure to bed bugs. A hotel room could conceivably have a different guest every night of the week and any of those unsuspecting individuals could be carrying and transferring an infestation to the next inhabitant of the room.

What might come as a bit of a surprise though are all of the other possible places that someone could come in contact with and pick up bed bugs to transport home. Elementary schools, colleges, your office building and even the bus, train or cab you catch to work could all potentially be places where you could pick up bed bugs and bring them home to start a New Jersey bed bug infestation of your own. Even the loving members or your family and close friends that come over for holiday visits could bring in these nasty pests and start an infestation.

It’s almost gotten to the point that just living in the New Jersey and New York area puts you at risk for a bed bug infestation. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout and to know how to identify bed bugs should you come across them.

Bed bugs are small insect, usually less than a ¼ inch long as adults and they appear brownish red in color. Bed bugs are relatively flat and have an oval shape and the adult insects have no wings.

If you’ve found what you think may be a bed bug, or the shed skin of one, don’t hesitate to contact a New Jersey bed bug specialist for verification. The only truly effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation in your New Jersey home is by enlisting the help of a NJ and NYC  bed beg professional.