Businesses Must Act Quickly With Claims Of Bed Bug Infestations Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

According to the passengers report, she obtained bed bug bites on much of her skin that was exposed during that flight from Los Angeles to London.  She says that despite her attempts to obtain help from various airline personnel, her complaints continued to fall upon deaf ears as they refused to acknowledge anything about the bed bug encounter on the flight.

Fast forward one week to the passengers return trip home to Los Angeles.  According to her reports, it appeared to be uneventful and she slept for most of the flight.  Once she landed at the airport, she experienced unexplained intense itching on her back.  Her airport investigation revealed horrible fiery red bumps on the side of her back where she was lying across the seat while she slept.  She claims that flight number 2 also had a bed bug infestation!  She claims that she again went to the airline customer service personnel, who offered no support, apology, or acknowledgement for her being attacked by the bed bugs, despite her showing them the bite marks.  It is possible that the bites that she endured on her back were from the original flight she took as bed bug bite reactions can take up to 10 days to appear.

Once home, the passenger decided to create a website to let the world know of her experience with the airline.  Her website brings to light the entire bed bug infestation situation and does not paint the airline in question in the best light.

On an interesting side note, the airline has now acknowledged that they inspected and found bed bugs on the first flight that the passenger took.  They claim that the second airplane was found to be free of bed bugs.  Additionally, the original airplane was taken out of service so that pest control experts could eradicate the bed bug infestation.

There’s no doubt that countless amounts of other passengers also endured bed bug bites because of this infestation and likely took bed bugs to their home and businesses as well.  It’s likely that the entire public relations fiasco could have been avoided if the airline in question would have shown sympathy towards the passenger and taken immediate action to eradicate the bed bugs by contacting a licensed pest control expert upon first notification of the attack of the bed bugs by the passenger.