Entomologist Thinks That NY Bed Bug Infestations Will Surely Rise

Once considered a poor man’s nuisance pest, bed bugs are now nibbling their way across the entire United States with no apparent signs of releasing their chokehold on citizens.  New York and New Jersey pest control experts say that the best way to fight these bloodsucking critters is early detection of their presence and education about how to avoid contracting them in the first place.

Jeffrey White, who is a leading entomologist for Bedbugcentral.com, believes that New York bed bug infestations will become worse over the next several months.  According to the ThirdAge.com, Jeffery White recently said at a seminar “I firmly believe that this year is going to be worse than last year”, in reference to NY bed bug infestations.  He is basing his theory upon various bed bug data that has been collected in New York which includes information provided by the Health Department which shows that there continues to be an increase in reports of bed bug infestations by New York residents.  Additionally, the astounding rate of NYC bed bug infestation reports noted for the New York City schools since the beginning of the school year show that bed bug infestations continue to rise at an alarming rate.  The latest reports from NYC schools show that during the first five months of this school year, there have been three times as many bed bug reports noted which translates into 1,700 bed bug cases within the school system.

According to the ThirdAge.com,  Mr. White said, “If we combine the seasonal trends, with the bugs getting more and more embedded in our community, that allows the bugs to make that resurgence all the more stronger.”

NYC and NJ pest control experts warn residents to be on the constant look-out for bed bugs at all times.  Bed bugs are opportunistic bugs which will hitchhike a ride on your person or your belongings if given the chance.  Residents should take careful precautions to check their homes for bed bug infestations on a regular basis.  If you see any signs of a NY or NJ bed bug infestation or think you have encountered bed bugs, it’s imperative that you contact a pest control professional that is experienced in bed bug removal services.  Stern Environmental Group provides expert bed bug services to New York City, New York, New Jersey and Long Island.