Mice Infestations At The Home, Office, Or School Are Dangerous Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

Mice enter homes and commercial establishments, including schools, to feast on all types of food products.  They are a particular problem in with winter months as they work their way indoors to seek shelter from the cold east coast temperatures.  Once you have a mouse infestation indoors, it can be difficult to eradicate the filthy pests.

New York or New Jersey mice infestations can cause serious health problems for humans.  Mice can carry the Sin Nombre virus which can lead to humans contracting Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).  Humans are  susceptible to HPS when they come in contact with mice or rat droppings which contain the virus.  There is no vaccine for Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and once symptoms occur, it is important that immediate medical attention is received.

New York and New Jersey pest control experts say that mice infestations are fairly easy to detect by the trail of evidence that they leave behind.

•  Mice have a constant need to gnaw so keep on the look-out for gnawing, especially on wood.

•  Look for mice droppings (feces) along walls, in cabinets, in drawers, in boxes etc.  Mice leave many droppings in their path as they scurry.

•  Keep a watch out for dribbles or pools of urine.

•  Look for nibbling on food containers.  Mice have sharp teeth and can easily gain access to most any food item that is brought into your home or business.

•  Mice will build their nests in warm and cozy areas that are well hidden.  Look for nesting materials that contain fabric, hair, thread, paper, grass or twigs.

Rodents are typically nocturnal creatures.  Unless you have a large infestation, you won’t usually see the actual pests during the daytime hours.  If you are sharing your home or business with rodents, it is important to call a licensed pest control professional who knows how to provide the proper rodent removal services and rodent prevention techniques to eliminate future rodent infestations.  Stern Environmental Group provides professional experienced service to New York City, Manhattan, New York and parts of New Jersey.