Vermin Requires The Help Of NYC Pest Control Experts

In the pest control industry, there are many different types of vermin that can be troubling for a business. Cockroaches, mice and rats are an unsightly intrusion that will surely drive customers away, ruin a reputation, and cause serious penalties to be imposed by local health authorities.

Odd at it may seem, some people believe that there is an acceptable level of vermin that can be present at New York City restaurants, grocery stores, delis, bars, mobile carts or trucks, retail warehouses and the like say NYC pest control experts.  In every state throughout the United States, and in most countries, there are laws that require that all food establishments and facilities be free of vermin at all times in order to remain in operation.

New York City pest control experts say that any vermin in a food facility is a serious problem as rats, mice and cockroach infestations put the public’s health in danger.  Vermin are always on the hunt for a good food source and food establishments provide ample opportunity for an infestation to occur.  It’s important for all businesses to ensure the safety of their patrons by hiring a pest control professional for regular pest control treatments.

The signs of rats and mice are fairly easy to notice as they leave a trail of feces in their pathways and they gnaw into any type of food source that they can gain access to.  Rats and mice are able to squeeze into small openings into businesses, which must be completely sealed in order to keep them out.  A good NYC pest control expert will aid restaurants in finding the entry points and nesting spots when rats or mice are suspected.

New York is home to four different cockroaches, the German cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.  Each of these cockroaches can easily infest a restaurant as they feed on wide variety of food sources.  Cockroaches carry bacteria on their legs which is then transferred onto food preparation surfaces, utensils, bowls, plates, and food sources.  Restaurants with a NYC cockroach infestation must worry about transmitting the Salmonella bacteria to their customers.

There is no acceptable level of vermin in any business establishment!  Stern Environmental Group recommends that all businesses maintain good sanitation practices, regular rat and mice inspection and extermination services, and utilize cockroach eradication services on a regular basis.