New York City Residents Will Need An Expert Bed Bug Professional To Kill Their Bed Bugs!

Bed bug infestations continue to be reported from coast to coast with no signs of a slow-down in their search for a blood meal.  These unrelenting bloodsuckers have continued to keep New York City pest control experts on high alert as they nibble their way from person to person, office to office, and home to home.

Jeffrey White, a research entomologist at, is predicting that New York City bed bug infestations will soar in 2011!  According to the Daily News, in a recent speech at a seminar, Mr. White said “I firmly believe that this year is going to be worse than last year.”  New York City residents will certainly have a hard time forgetting the parade of bed bugs that plagued a continuous stream of retail establishments month after month in 2010.  The summer months were especially bad, most likely due to the increase in travel by people throughout the United States and international visitors.  Last year, New York City bed bug infestations nearly brought the city to its knees as bed bugs were found aplenty in retail establishments, movie theaters, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

The only good bed bug, is a dead bed bug!  Let Stern Environmental Group knock out your beastly battle with bed bugs once and for all.  At Stern, you will find a wide variety of bed bug products and services available to meet your needs in fighting these bloodsucking pests.  We offer bed bug concierge service, bed bug treatments for residential and commercial establishments, bed bug sniffing dog service, and a host of information to educate you about bed bug infestations.

For expert bed bug eradication and pest control services in New York City, Long Island, parts of New York States, and New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.