NJ Pest Control Expert Offers Bed Bug Travel Gear For Worry Free Travel

Mommy’s always said “Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite” before we were tucked into bed at night.  In 2011, avoiding a bed bug infestation is difficult under the best of circumstances.  Those blood thirsty bugs are popping up at movie theaters, hospitals, airplanes, hotels, office buildings, schools, subways, and everywhere in between.  Once the warmer weather starts to settle in, New Jersey pest control experts believe that we will soon be seeing a spike NYC and NJ bed bug infestation reports.

Bed bugs are sneaky travel companions as they will easily hitchhike their way into your clothes or suitcases while you travel. With the spring break travel season fast approaching, Stern Environmental Group has the perfect travel solutions to help keep your home bed bug free.

The Bed Bug Patch has proven effective at keeping bed bugs away from humans while they sleep.  The Hefty Bedbug Travel Bags works great for storing all of your personal belongings in a giant zippered see-thru storage bag.  The BugZip Luggage Bags and Drawer Liner Bags allow you to place your entire suitcase in the special rectangular shaped plastic bag that you are able to seal shut so bed bugs cannot climb inside.  They are great for using inside of hotel room drawers too.  The Bed Bug Control and Mattress Spray is non-toxic and is safe for use around humans and pets.  It will prevent bed bugs, fleas, ticks and cockroaches from hitching a ride home with you!

In addition to using these great products, it’s important to look for bed bugs or the signs of bed bugs whenever you are traveling.  Remember, despite their name, bed bugs are not only found in beds.  Bed bugs can be found most anywhere that humans frequent.  In a hotel room, check for bed bugs on the mattress and box spring, between the sheets, behind the headboard, and in the bed frame.  You should always look for blood smears, fecal matter, skins, and live or dead bed bugs when you travel.

If you need help getting rid of a NYC or NJ bed bug infestation, contact Stern Environmental Group for expert bed bug eradication services.