The Verdict Is In…Dismissed! Part I Of II

Just the mention of bed bugs to many New York City residents can send shivers down their spines.  Since the pesky bloodsuckers made their way into the spotlight a few years back, New York City has been dubbed our nations “bed bug capitol”.  Typically nocturnal, these hitchhiking parasites have made their way into daytime venues too.  NYC retail stores, courtroom, hospitals, and offices have all reported trouble with NYC bed bug infestations.

It’s a high profile bed bug lawsuit that many people around the United States have been itching…pardon the pun…to learn the verdict of….

According to the much publicized reports, in October of 2007 Jane Clark claims that she was repeatedly bitten bybloodsucking bed bugs while working at the offices of Fox News in New York City.  According to court documents, she claims that the daytime munching continued even after Fox News relocated its office to another floor in the building in the early part of 2008.

Fox New was quick to react to the bed bug infestation and hired a pest control expert in October of 2007.  Pest control began chemical treatments of the office building on December 1, 2007.  It should be noted that the delay in providing immediate pest control treatment could have helped contribute to the spreading and multiplication of the bed bugs within the office.  The eradication services continued at Fox News even after the company moved to their new location within the building.

Despite the chemical treatments that ensued, the bed bug infestation persisted at Fox News.  Extensive efforts were made to get rid of the NYC bed bug infestation.  Fox News installed insect monitors, hired bed bug sniffing dogs, Cryonite was used to freeze the bed bugs and their eggs…and yet the bugs still remained.

Please check back on Friday for the conclusion.