Bed Bugs Cause Parolees To Flee Infestation

New York City pest control experts can affirm that anyone who has endured the nighttime attacks of blood thirsty bed bugs has a reason to want to run for the hills.  Most people don’t feel their actual bites, and some people don’t suffer the aftermath of the allergic reaction to their bites.  For those unfortunate souls who do suffer from the bite wounds of the little vampires that strike in the night, the pain and itching can be unbearable!

The Michigan Messenger reported on July 29, 2011 that the Macomb Daily reported that the bed bug infestation is extremely bad at the Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation (SHAR) center in Macomb County.  The facility is leased by the Michigan Department of Corrections and houses parolees seeking drug treatment services.  According to reports, “more than 30 parolees that were assigned to the facility for counseling and housing have fled by climbing over fences, going through windows or simply walking out a door.”  The whereabouts of 11 parolees are still in question according to state records.

One parolee in particular is not fond of the nightly bed bug attacks at the facility.  According to the article, after being bitten by what he believes to be bed bugs, he was hospitalized when the bite wound became infected with the MRSA staph infection.  Because MRSA is antibiotic resistant, doctors had to cut open and drain the infected area.  The doctors working the case are not sure if the bite wound is from bed bugs or from a brown recluse spider though.

The really odd thing is that the Michigan Department of Corrections is completely denying the presence of bed bugs at the facility despite the confirmation from residents and former staff members.

You can read the article here.

Any business or home that encounters bed bugs should immediately call a licensed pest control company so that eradication services can begin quickly.  Every day without pest control services means more bed bugs being born!