New York City Public Schools Are Hot Beds For Bed Bugs Part 1 Of 2

New York City pest control experts say that it’s no secret that bed bugs have invaded the Big Apple in a big way over the past few years.  It should come as no surprise that because bed bug infestations are so wide spread throughout the city, and incredible hitchhikers, these nasty nibblers have infiltrated other populated areas throughout the city as well.  The summer of 2010 brought bed bugs in the limelight of many retail stores in New York City.  These creepy blood suckers can also be found in restaurants, theaters, taxis, buses, hotels, subways, hospitals, courthouses and jails.

In 2011, one particular hot spot for bed bug activity was in the New York City Public School System.   According to reports by Gothamist on July 22, 2011, the statistics on bed bug activity in New York City schools are becoming grim as each year progresses.  Here’s the run down:

For the school year:

• 2008-2009  542  Confirmed Bed Bug Cases
• 2009-2010  1,019 Confirmed Bed Bug Cases
• 2010-2011  3,590 Confirmed Bed Bug Cases

According to Gothamist report, the Department of Education spokesperson assured them that most of the cases were not huge infestations.  Most New Yorkers would likely think that any bed bugs crawling around any school, and nibbling on any children, is an unacceptable number.  You may read the article here.

When bed bug infestations are reported in schools throughout the United States you often times hear that schools are not hospitable environments for bed bugs to thrive in, presumably because there are no beds, and because bed bugs typically attack at night.  This mindset and false information often gives parents, students, and school administrators a false sense of security in NYC schools as well as other schools across the United States.

Please check back on Friday for the conclusion.