New York City Public Schools Are Hot Beds For Bed Bugs Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

New York City pest control professionals warn that schools do indeed provide ample hiding places for the tiny bloodsucking creatures.  Any upholstered furniture, carpets, play mats, lockers, desks, wall voids, electrical sockets, light switches, behind chalkboards, behind wall hangings, books, cafeteria benches, and piles of paper are all areas that bed bugs can be found lurking.

Add in the fact that bed bugs can arrive at any moment in time on in a child’s backpack, coat, hat, gloves, or clothing and you can easily have a serious bed bug infestation on your hands, at any school, at any moment in time.  Even teachers and administrators could unknowingly bring the critters into the school with them.  Schools in fact ARE hospitable environments for bed bug infestations, despite what the officials want you to believe.

The Daily News reported on July 21, 2011 that Public School 197 in Midwood, Brooklyn had four classrooms damaged by the bed bug fumigation process last year.  According to reports, the chemicals used during the fumigation destroyed classroom libraries and teaching materials that have yet to be replaced.  Hoping to avoid bed bugs infiltrating the school this coming year, teachers and students will be storing backpacks and jackets in plastic bags and containers at the school.  You may read the article here.

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