Fires Kill Bed Bugs…And Ruin Lives…At Least For Awhile!

New York City and New Jersey pest control professionals continue to receive a high volume of bed bug infestation calls on a daily basis.  As the summer season moves forward, travelers are returning from cruises, beach vacation, resorts, European trips, and even family and friend visits with creepy bed bugs as an unwanted souvenir of their fun travels.

Like New York City, Cincinnati, Ohio has been terribly plagued with bed bugs.  One huge difference in the two cities is that New York City has specific laws set in place to help protect renters and landlords to combat bed bug infestations.  Cincinnati however does not have laws set in place and many apartment tenants are desperate to get rid of the bugs that are sucking their blood at night.

Out of desperation, many people resort to desperate measures to try to rid their homes of bed bugs.  Fox19 reported on August 8, 2011, that a tenant was trying to get rid of bed bugs this week when a fire suddenly erupted. Reports are that the tenant was using a homemade alcohol solution to kill the bloodsuckers that where attacking each night.  Speculations are that the fire was ignited when a cigarette was lit after the alcohol solution was applied.  According to reports, all of the occupants of the building were evacuated so no injuries were reported, and the damages are estimated to be about $100,000.  The article can be found here.

Pest control experts can attest to the dangers of using over-the-counter pesticides, and homemade remedies for the treatment of bed bug infestations.  Much of the time, these remedies have proven to be ineffective in the treatment of bed bug infestations and in fact have caused the infestations to spread to other locations of the home.  In several instances, serious damages, injury, or even death can occur when pesticides or other dangerous chemicals are used.  It is always recommended to hire a licensed NJ pest control expert with experience in bed bug eradicate if you have a bed bug infestation problem.