Don’t Risk Being Stung, Call A NY Or NJ Pest Control Expert For Help

At all times of the year New York and New Jersey pest control professional’s field numerous calls from residents complaining of bed bug attacking them in the night.  Cockroaches have continued to make their presence known to both businesses and homeowners as well.  During the spring, summer, and fall months in particular, a variety of ant species will march their way into your home searching for tidbits of food and water.  All of these pests are common complaints that require the help of a qualified pest control expert.

Another type of common and troublesome pest that residents frequently encounter is wasps, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets.  These sneaky pests can ruin your outdoor activities and for some people they pose a very serious health risk.
Sometimes nesting sites can be avoided as they visible and are out in the open.  Other times, unlucky people happen upon hidden nests and are attacked by hot tempered soldiers who come out in full defense mode.  Look for nesting sites on the eves on structures, in rotten wood, in holes in the ground or natural cavities.  At times, colonies have also been found in attics, garages and sheds as well.

Take a look at the picture supplied in the blog post.  This nest was created in less than 24 hours!  Once the homeowner was alerted to its existence, a qualified pest control expert was called to the scene to fully eradicate the creatures.

Colonies could have hundreds of inhabitants or thousands of critters living inside, so it’s very important to never take on the task of trying to eradicate these ferocious stingers.

Yellow jackets are different than other types of bees in that their stingers are not barbed so they are able to sting numerous times…usually without provocation.  Each time a person is stung, more venom is injected into the human body which makes these types of bees very dangerous, especially if you are allergic to them.  In addition to the ability to sting, yellow jackets can and will bite as well!

With all types of New Jersey or New York pest infestation problems, it’s always best to call a licensed pest control expert who can provide safe elimination of the pests in question.