Bed Bugs In Paradise, Oh My! Part 1 Of 2

New York City pest control professionals are well versed in the plight of bed bug infestations throughout various hotels in the Big Apple.  Creepy bed bugs have been plaguing tourists over the past few years in record numbers with no signs of relief.  Bed bug infestation reports continue to rise in cities across the United States, so everyone should be on the lookout for bed bugs when they travel.

When hotel guests initially check into a room and find bed bugs, it is bad for business without a doubt.  When hotel guests are on the nightly dinner plate for several days, and then discover that bed bugs have been slurping their blood each night while they sleep, the problem becomes even worse for the hotel in question.  How a hotel reacts to the findings of the bed bugs, and the concerns of the hotel guests, can make or break the reputation of the hotel with the bed bug infestation problem.

Hawaii News Now reported on August 16, 2011 that a family from New Jersey had their Hawaiian dream vacation ruined because of bed bugs.  According to their reports, the family spent several days at an upscale resort before one of the family members noticed a strange bug crawling on his body.  A search of the entire hotel room revealed that bed bugs were in the mattress, on the bedding, and were on the pillow cases.

The hotel responded quickly to their plight by moving them to a different suite that was located many floors away from their bed bug infested suite.  In addition, the hotel also refunded the entire cost of the 14 night stay at the hotel.  Although the family is thankful for the refund, they say that they are suffering from anxiety attacks and sleepless nights because of their bed bug encounter.

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