Bed Bugs In Paradise, Oh My! Part 2 Of 2

Understandably the family is concerned about bringing the blood thirsty pests back home to New Jersey as well.  It is important that they take precautions to avoid transferring bed bugs upon their arrival back home.  All clothing must be laundered in hot water and dried on the hottest heat setting.  Additionally, all luggage pieces should be carefully vacuumed inside and out, paying close attention to the seamed areas as bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and bed bug eggs are nearly impossible to detect.

Despite this family’s best efforts to avoid bringing bed bugs into their home, there is still a possibility that an infestation can occur.  It takes only one pregnant bed bug or two hatched eggs to create an eventual full-blown bed bug infestation.  Stern Environmental Group has a variety of products to help keep homeowners safe from bed bugs.

• The Bed Moat:  Place the “moat” under your furniture legs or bed frames to trap bed bugs when they come for a blood meal.  The textured exterior enables the creepers to crawl up, but the slick interior traps them inside.

• NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor:  This bed bug trap and monitoring device will attract and kill bed bugs.  This amazing unit mimics the chemical patterns that a sleeping human does so bed bugs migrate towards the trap to their death!

• Termite and Bed Bug Detector: Bed bugs don’t stand a chance against the TDS!  This incredible device will alert you when there are bed bugs that are hiding in your home.  It’s so sensitive that it will detect as few as one bed bug.  As a bonus, you can also locate termites too!

Bed bug infestations are not a do-it-yourself type of pest.  Left untreated, bed bugs will multiply very quickly and spread throughout an entire structure.  If you think you have bed bugs in your New York or New Jersey home or business it’s important to call a licensed pest control expert immediately.  Providing 24 hour emergency service, Stern Environmental Group will be able to effectively eradicate your bed bugs quickly and safely.

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