A Man Looses His Job due to Odious Bed Bugs

Yes, NYC bed bugs are a big problem but the critters are a problem all over the nation. Gino, who lives in Ohio, got a job after a long period of unemployment. He also got engaged and they’re having a baby. Life was looking better. Here comes the bad news; his boss fired him when he learned Gino’s apartment has the odious bed bugs. Since Gino was working at a nursing home, his employer was concerned Gino would unknowingly bring bed bugs with him to the care center. It’s seems unfair, Gino, lost his job due to the little critters. However, it’s easy to understand the concern of the nursing home manager.

Those living with bed bugs in NJ and NYC should hire an effective NJ and NYC bed bug control company. The best way to avoid loosing a job like Gino did is to destroy the bed bugs!

So what should Gino and other individuals in his situation do? Should they warn prospective employers they have bed bugs which could travel with them to the work site? Should they keep quite about it, in order to increase the chances of getting a job? It’s not an easy decision to make.

Gino’s fiancé is very sensitive to bed bug bites. Her arms, legs and back are covered with bleeding bed bug bites. Thus, Gino realizes if he unknowingly brings bed bugs to a new workplace his co-workers could soon be in the same situation as his fiancé. However, Gino and other people with bed bug infestations need to work. Staying quiet about their bed bug situation and covering up bed bug bites with long sleeve shirts is the likely path for many of them. It’s a societal issue that’s needs to be dealt with.