NJ Pest Control Experts Warn College Students About Bed Bugs Part 1 Of 2

Incoming college students have many things to prepare for as they plan for their upcoming school year.  New Jersey pest control experts say that in addition to worrying about moving themselves into on-site student housing facilities and off-site campus housing units, all students should be mindful of the risk of encountering bed bug infestations at their college.

Their ability to hitchhike with great ease, their propensity to hide, and their slight stature, makes the college environment quite suitable for nasty bed bugs.  College students come from all walks of life and bed bugs know no socio economic difference.
Some people may have a bed bug infestation in their home, but never know it because they do not suffer the allergic reaction to the bites of the bed bugs.  Some students may be bed bug free when they left on their college journey, but unwittingly may have picked up the critters at a hotel while traveling to their college destination.  It is not unheard of for people to even pick up the bloodsuckers while traveling on airplanes, trains, buses, taxis or subways.

The bad news for students is, that once you have bed bugs, their bites are usually painful and they will spread throughout a residential facility like wildfire.  Once a student has bed bugs, the bloodsucking hitchhikers can easily be transferred to other university locations such as libraries, classrooms, student centers, or even taken home to their own family when they visit.  Bed bugs are an extremely difficult pest to eradicate.

A new study from the National Pest Management “Bugs Without Borders” revealed that pest management professionals think that college dorms are the number one place to find bed bugs.  The study showed that 35% of all pest management professionals treated dorms in the United States last year.  This year, the numbers have risen to 54%!

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion.