Will Mice Really Put Your Family At Risk?

Research has shown that the house mouse has proven to be very intelligent.  In fact, mammalogists around the world rate the common house mouse as the second most successful mammal on earth, trailing behind humans.

The house mouse is able to live and thrive under a variety of conditions.  You will easily find them in homes, business, open fields and agricultural areas.  The house mouse may look unassuming and even cute to some people, with their oversized ears and small eyes, but they are considered to be a troublesome pest that seriously impacts the economy in all parts of the United States.

The house mouse can be gray or brown in color with a white belly, weighs ½ ounce, and will grow to about 7 inches long (including the tail) at adulthood.  New York City pest control experts report that the house mouse is a serious threat to homes and commercial structures because they consume and contaminate massive amounts of food products.  They prefer to dine on cereal grains, but will eat any food that is meant for humans or pets.  Mice can enter a structure via holes as small as the size of a pencil so it’s important to seal up holes to ensure that mice are kept outdoors.

Besides the economic problems that having mice create, mice can also cause serious health problems for humans.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a common rodent-borne disease that is contracted by humans, which is fatal in over half of the diagnosed cases.  Hantavirus is transmitted when the dust that is contaminated in rodent urine or feces is breathed in.  Hantavirus often goes undetected because the symptoms mimic the flu with headaches, nausea, rapid shallow breathing, vomiting and dry cough.  Humans are also at risk of contracting Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM) and Salmonellosis from the house mouse.

Properly controlling mice can be achieved by hiring a New York City pest control expert with experience in mice removal.