Do Bed Bugs Like Bookworms?

New Jersey pest control professionals say that bed bug infestations have been a problem for libraries across the United States and Canada this past year.  Just like in movie theaters, hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, hotels, buses, taxis, courthouses, and homes, bed bugs can lurk in any crack or crevice in a library.  Add in the fact that there are thousands of books, thousands of book bindings, and millions of pages for tiny bed bugs and their eggs to hide in, and you can see how having bed bugs in a library can be very problematic.  Additionally, bed bugs have recently been found nesting in upholstered chairs in libraries in Longmont, Colorado and Mesa, Arizona.

While checking out books this past week, my children and I stood at the front desk turning page after page of the novels that we had chosen, looking for tell-tale signs of bed bugs or the actual bugs themselves.  A helpful librarian said “If you need help finding something in particular, let me know and I will help you.”  I then said, “If I find what I’m looking for, you’ll see me running out the door!”  She had a confused look on her face and it was then that I told her that I was looking for bed bugs.  She seemed shocked as she asked “Can bed bugs really be in books.”  Of course I had to give her a lesson in Bed Bugs 101!  She’ll probably be itching for days.

Industry experts all agree that bed bug eradication treatments in libraries and other business establishments and homes should be treated by a licensed pest control expert who is trained in bed bug removal services.  For fast bed bug treatment in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.