NYC Pest Control For Mice & Rat Control

New York City pest control professionals say that mice and rats running loose in or around a home or business are a serious health threat.  Rodent droppings carry dangerous viruses that are known to cause serious illnesses in humans.

Once rodent droppings are discovered, you should contact a licensed pest control expert who will devise a plan to trap the invading rodents.  There are various rodent traps that can be used:  traditional snap trap, glue trap, electronic trap, ultrasonic rodent control, humane mice control trap (catch and release), and rodenticides (rat/mouse poison).  Consumers and pest control experts likely have a preference as to which one is their favorite device to use.

It should be noted that reports vary as to how effective the ultrasonic rodent control device performs.  Recent studies have shown that rats and mice quickly become accustomed to the noise emitted and don’t mind living with the sound waves that they hear.  Using rodenticides without proper training can be very problematic for home and business owners.  Rats and mice will eat the poison and can then be attacked and consumed by household pets or wildlife, which will then become poisoned as well.  In addition, many times rats and mice consume rodenticide products and then scurry off into attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, and behind cabinets where they meet their demise.  The smell from their decomposing bodies can be unbearable to live with and impossible for a business to explain away to customers.

A New York City pest control technician will be able to fully eradicate mice or rats that have invaded your home or business by using the most up-to-date monitoring and trapping techniques.  For expert pest control services in New York or New Jersey contact Stern Environmental Group.