Bed Bugs Cause Anxiety, Part 1 Of 2

New Jersey pest control professionals field calls from clients who are in need of help for their bed bug infestation problem.  Some people are not too fazed after finding the critters in their house while others are in a near panic at the sight of the bloodsuckers creeping through their sheets.

For those people who are lucky enough to have not gone through the horrors of having bed bugs in their home, it may be hard to imagine the ghoulish feeding frenzy which occurs each night when the creepy bugs are on site.

New Jersey pest control experts report that most people don’t know that bed bugs are present at first.  They initially receive an unexplainable bite or rash here and there and wonder if they have been bitten by a stray mosquito, or perhaps have fleas or chiggers.  They may also wonder if they are having an allergic reaction to a new or even an old food that they have consumed.  Maybe a new laundry detergent is causing the irritating redness, welts and intense itching.  Like a good detective, they begin to investigate, but their attempts are futile because bed bugs are elusive and sneaky.  They are experts at hiding in the tiniest crack or crevice and are often missed until an infestation is completely out-of-control.

Nobody likes the thought of creepy bed bugs living amongst them.  Left to their own devices, bed bugs will multiply quickly and their home invasion will soon become apparent.  The fear of living with bed bugs and the anxiety of dealing with the pests have caused problems in relationships in and out of the home, social activities, as well as problems at the workplace.

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