Bed Bug Funding Sparks New MN Resource Center

As bed bug infestations continue to surge across the United States and Canada, so does the need for avenues for homeowners, business, and even pest management professionals to turn to for useful information and advice on how to combat the bloodsucking parasites.

The University of Minnesota has launched its new bed bug initiative this week that will likely send bed bugs running for cover.  UofM’s “Lets Beat the Bed Bug!” was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  The new website offers important information for…

• Homeowners & tenants – Learn about:  what bed bugs look like, their lifecycle, bat bugs, less frequent encountered bed bugs, why bed bugs are important, how to detect an infestation, how to control and infestation, and how to prevent an infestation.

• Students returning to school – “An Advisory to Returning Students Regarding Bed Bug Infestations” – Learn about:  The dangers of using previously owned furniture or beds, especially those that have discarded.  Students are also cautioned about control procedures when it comes to bed bug infestations.

• Travelers – Learn about: preventative steps to avoid bed bugs, what bed bugs look like, how to find bed bugs on your personal items that you travel with, what to do with personal items and clothing that contains bed bugs, and about bed bugs traveling on people directly.

The website contains fantastic pictures of bed bugs, bed bug eggs, bed bug feces, bed bug nymphs, bed bug instars, and bat bugs – which are often confused with bed bugs.  In addition to the incredible new bed bug website, entomologists also plan on conducting seminars about the growing bed bug problems throughout the state of Minnesota.  You will also find videos of live bed bugs in action.  Watch the videos to see bed bugs feeding on human flesh and you’ll also see how quickly bed bugs are able to scurry away into hiding.

Pest control professionals in the United States and Canada will find useful information to learn about bed bug infestations and help combat the critters when they run across them on a service call.

No matter where you live, bed bugs are a formidable opponent that will require the help of a licensed pest control expert for full eradication.