Oooohhhh, Is It A Bed Bug Scandal?

They are creepy.  They hide in all types of cracks and crevices.  They attack you in your sleep.  Blood is their dining preference…human blood!  No space is off limits…especially your bed.  They are bed bugsNew York and New Jersey pest control experts report that bed bugs are one of the hot topics that have dominated the internet thus far in 2011.

New Jersey residents are not immune to the current plight of bed bug infestations.  A couple of weeks ago, allegations were made of a bed bug problem by a claims examiner and shop steward at the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development building in Trenton, New Jersey.  Her complaint was that a dead bed bug was found on October 5th, yet officials neglected to bring any exterminators on site to perform bed bug eradication services. reported on October 18, 2011 that a Department of Labor spokesperson has claimed that no bed bugs have ever been discovered at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development at all.  He claims that a “bug” was found and examined, but deemed not to be a bed bug.  He additionally claims that despite the bug not being a bed bug, the department examined the building and did an assessment to ensure that there was no infestation.

Sounds good, case closed…right?

Apparently not.  According to the article, some employees question the authenticity of the testing of the bug.  They also believe that the building contains bed bugs and that they are continuing to spread from floor to floor.

You may read the article here.

Bed bugs in the workplace can be a difficult situation to deal with because employers may not be willing to acknowledge the problem (if there is one) and it could be difficult to pin-point where an ongoing infestation originates from as some employees may feel embarrassed to admit that they have bed bugs at home.  When dealing with bed bugs at work, it is best to check your belongings every day, including the clothes you are wearing, for the presence of bed bugs.  If you think you have inadvertently transported bed bugs home you from work, contact a licensed pest control expert who is trained in bed bug removal.