Bed Bugs Are A Hot Topic Online

New Jersey pest control experts know that for many people they are one of the most feared insects on the planet.  Excellent at hiding in all sorts of locations and always on the hunt for their next victim, the Cimex lectalarius, otherwise known as Cimicidae, or bed bug, is a formidable enemy to encounter.

It’s no wonder that bed bugs are so highly feared throughout the United States.  Thanks to their recent resurgence over the past few years and extensive media coverage, more people are becoming aware of the pitfalls of encountering this tiny vampire.

New Jersey pest control experts report that many home and business owners often try in vain to treat bed bug infestations on their own.  Because bed bugs are so elusive and multiply quickly, it is not uncommon for a pest control company to find that a small infestation has exploded into a large one.

In an effort to obtain education, find area pest control companies and useful products, and find ways to control the creepy bloodsuckers with homemade remedies, many people have turned to the internet for information about bed bug infestations.  The New York Times reported on September 5, 2011 that the search engine Google has experienced an increase of “83 percent in the last year and 182 percent for bedbug-related searches in the last four weeks compared with the same period a year earlier.”

You may read the article here.

Although it may seem like a good idea to try to treat bed bugs on your own initially that decision is often times one that becomes regretful.  Many people have discovered that over-the-counter products that are offered for bed bug control are not effective.  Some people have resorted to using incorrect products, such as bug bombs, for treating bed bugs.  This type of product does not work as it drives bed bugs to run away from the flow of the pesticide and spreads the infestation throughout the home or into neighboring units of shared housing.  Some people have taken the advice of what they have seen or read online and caused serious fires and injury to their family and pets.

NJ pest control experts say that bed bugs are one type of pest that requires the help of a licensed pest control professional with experience in bed bug eradication.