The Bed Moat Nominated For Best Product Of 2011

Bed bug infestations have sparked many new inventions over the past few years say New Jersey pest control professionals.  Some products have proven to be advantageous and others have been complete flops.

Each year “Pest”, a magazine that is geared for independent news for pest professionals in the United Kingdom conducts a contest and issues a special award.  For the contest, readers are able to nominate their favorite pest product that they feel “has made the greatest improvement to their lives and/or working practices.”

The manufacturer/distributor of the winning product will receive the “Pest Best New Product Award 2011” trophy and certificate.  Additionally, the winner will be able to display the special logo on packs, literature and their website as well.

This year, one of the twelve finalists that have been chosen is the Bed Moat.  Originally launched at the Chicago Bed Bug Summit in 2010, the Bed Moat serves as an excellent early monitoring system for homes or hotels.  The Bed Moat is a small, square, plastic device that is placed under the legs of beds and furniture.  The slick polished interior and special design traps approaching bed bugs in the outer ring so that they are not able to reach you in the bed or furniture that it is place under.  Any bed bugs escaping the furniture trying to go back into hiding will be trapped in the inner compartment of the device as well.

Readers of “Pest” can vote on their favorite pest control product until midnight October 28, 2011 by emailing the editor at .

You can find the Bed Moat and many other useful bed bug devices to help protect you while at home, or while traveling, at Stern Environmental Group.