NYC Pest Control Professionals Provide Safe Bed Bug Treatment

It should come as no surprise that New York City pest control professionals encounter panic stricken bed bug victims on a daily basis.  Some people decide to call for help once they discover blood smears or cast of skins of bed bugs in their homes.  Some may find themselves awoken by a pinch from the tiny little bloodsucker in action.  Other residents have traveled to places near or far and have suddenly been plagued with red itchy welts each morning when they awake.

Then there are those folks who have tried in vain to fight the good fight against an army of tiny little soldiers who are relentless in their quest for human blood.  For those who have tried to fight these little vampires on their own, the ordeal can be frustrating, mind boggling, and often times, downright dangerous!

Erroneous information on the internet often steers people in the wrong direction when it comes to treating bed bugs on their own.  Out of desperation to rid their homes of these tenacious creatures, many homeowners across the United States have resorted to strange and sometimes dangerous bed bug killing methods. reported on November 1, 2011 that one county in Ohio has a laundry list of horror stories about the desperate measures that some residents have taken to get rid of the critters.  According to their report, various families have…

•  “sloshed diesel fuel throughout their apartment, transforming it into a hazmat site”
• “doused their home with two cans of ant and roach spray every night”
• “misguided parents zapped their kids nightly with half-a-can of mosquito spray”

You may read the article here.

These “treatments” may seem crazy to some readers, but it goes to show the level of desperation that people reach when fighting a bed bug infestation.  Many people reach the desperation point after trying over-the-counter products, which have proven to be ineffective in fighting bed bugs.

The best way to rid your home of bed bugs is to call a licensed pest control professional at the first sight of the buggers.