Sharing Erroneous Bed Bug Information Is Why Bed Bugs Spread

The internet is fantastic resource for people that are looking for information on a variety of different topics.  There are library sites, associations, university websites, media outlets, company websites, and informative Blog sites.  Many residents and business owners turn to the internet when they have a bed bug infestation so they can determine if the services of a New Jersey pest control professional are needed.

Although there is a multitude of good information available on the internet, there is also bad information that can steer people in the wrong direction when they are searching for ways to combat bloodsucking bed bugs warn New Jersey pest control experts.

Parents at a Kentucky school are not likely resting easy this weekend with the thoughts of potential bed bugs running through their local high school. reported on November 4, 2011 that a teacher thought that she had found a bed bug in the school.  Administration was quick to react by clearing the kids out of the classroom and did a search for the bugs, but found none in the room.  The following day, what was believed to be a squished bed bug was found in a different classroom.  Another search was performed, and no bed bugs were found.

In the article, school officials and the Health Department provided information regarding bed bugs and the situation at hand for the school in question.  The problem is, some of the information provided is incorrect.  Failure to provide the correct information to parents will allow the bed bugs to spread like wildfire throughout the entire school in no time flat.  You may read the article here.
Here are some important things to remember…

• Bed bugs are often found in schools and despite what some people say they thrive in schools!

• Bed bugs have ample hiding places to live and multiply within a school setting.

• Bed bugs are typically nocturnal, but they will gladly change their feeding habits if necessary.  If food sources (children/administration) are only available during certain hours of the day then that is when they will feed.

• Children/staff members can easily carry bed bugs home with them in their backpacks, books, binders, coats, hats, gloves, or even on the clothing they are wearing.

• Bed bugs can multiply at school as long as they receive a blood meal.

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