NYC Rats Are Not A Problem For A Good Pest Professional

New York City pest control professionals report that rats continue to thrive on the streets of New York. Rats are so common of an occurrence within the city that some people estimate  that there are more rats living in NYC than there are humans. As darkness falls, the rats  come out to play. They scurry up and down streets and alleys, looking for a tasty morsel of food that was dropped by humans.

Not fearful in the slightest, you can find rats foraging in trash cans and large garbage bins throughout the city. They inhabit playgrounds, parks, apartments, homes, restaurants, offices, and of course the New York City subway system.

The mere sight of a rat can bring fear and often flight when a person sees their budging eyes, long scaly tale, large body, or pointed teeth. The fear of rats is real. Called Musophobia, it is one of the most common phobias in the United States. Musophobia can be triggered by a variety of different experiences with rats or mice. People report having this phobia when they see a rat or mouse on the television or in the movies, when they smell rats or mice, when they hear jokes about them, or when they are in the same room with the pests.

Just as people vary, so do the symptoms and reactions for those that suffer from this phobia. Some folks are mildly bothered while others suffer from sweating, rapid heartbeat, shaking, nausea, and shortness of breath.

Rats can become dangerous when they enter your home as they are known disease carriers. Additionally the razor sharp teeth of a rat are able to chomp into sealed food sources. Rats will contaminate food and food preparation areas as they leave urine and feces behind in their path. A NYC pest control professional can help determine where the rats are gaining entry and will provide fast rat removal services.