Thermal Heat Treatment Will Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs! Part 1 Of 2

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate under the best of circumstances.  Do-it-yourselfers can try over and over to rid their homes of these pests with store bought remedies only to find that the bed bugs are able to return with a vengeance night after night.  Store bought chemicals have proven to only give minor relief from bed bugs, which has caused many people to over-use the pesticides despite the manufacturers warnings.  As a result, many people have become seriously ill because of the misuse.

Recent studies have shown that bed bugs have become resistant to many types of pesticides that are available to pest control professionals.  Other studies have shown that bed bugs have been able to alter their exoskeleton so that pesticides are not able to make penetration.  It seems that as fast as scientists are developing ways to combat these little vampires, the bed bugs are re-inventing themselves so that they can continue to exist and torture mankind.

There is finally some hope for home and business owners who are tired of relying solely on chemical treatments to kill bed bugs.   New York and New Jersey pest control professionals report that thermal heat remediation is one of the newest and most promising ways to treat stubborn bed bug infestations.  Heat treatment is an effective solution to treat insecticide resistant bed bugs that are lurking in your personal belongings.  Heat remediation treatment is cutting edge technology that uses extreme heat to kill all stages of the nasty bed bugs that are infesting your property.  Thermal heat remediation is an excellent choice for people living in single family homes, apartments, college dorms, and condos.  Business such as hotels, office buildings, retail stores, property management companies, hospitals or any other facility that finds themselves under siege of bloodsucking bed bugs will also benefit from thermal heat treatment services.

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