Thermal Heat Treatment Will Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs! Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

Stern Environmental Group has been a leader in the fight against bed bugs in New York and New Jersey.  We are proud to be a company in the New York and New Jersey area to offer a Thermal Heat Remediation Trailer for killing your bed bug infestation.  Our heat treatment services were recently mentioned on, which is a useful resource site for those who are suffering from New York City bed bug infestations as well as bed bugs across the United States.

The National Pest Management Association has stated that all stages of bed bugs and their eggs will be killed when they are exposed to temperatures that reach 122 degrees.  Here’s how it works…

• At 95 degrees, bed bugs leave their hiding places in search of a blood meal.

• When temperatures reach 105 degrees, bed bugs try to escape because the space becomes too hot.

• Leaving a room at 113 degrees will take 7 hours to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

• Leaving a room at 118 degrees will take 90 minutes to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

• Once the optimal temperature of 122 degrees is reached, bed bugs and their eggs will die a sudden death in less than a minute!

Stern Environmental Group offers customers the opportunity to bake bed bugs and their eggs in our portable heating trailer.  At 22 feet long, this amazing bed bug killing machine will safely kill bed bugs in most any type of furniture and personal belongings that you own.  Heat treatment is so effective that even bed bugs hiding deep inside of upholstered pieces of furniture do not stand a chance of survival against the extreme temperature.

Stern Environmental Group understands the difficulty involved with treating nasty bed bug infestations.  Our experienced movers will carefully remove your belongings into our special heat treatment trailer for quick bed bug eradication.  Call Stern today for expert NYC and NJ bed bug services.