Beware Of Bed Bugs In The Sky

It’s Thanksgiving week…the busiest traveling week of the entire year.  People have already begun to hit the roadways, trains, and airways to visit friends, family, or just take a much needed holiday.  It is estimated that over 23 million people will travel by air alone from November 18th through November 29th.

Everyone certainly has heard by now that bed bugs are a problem in hotels and motels from coast to coast.  In most instances, when bed bug infestations are found, travelers are blamed for causing the infestation within the room.  Because bed bugs are able to hide in the tiniest of crack or crevice and abstain from having a blood meal for over a year, it is very difficult to pin-point exactly when a hotel or motel room became infested.  Because of the little vampires sneaky behavior and their typical nighttime feeding antics, hotels often times only know of a problem once a guest either…

• Awakes and finds the bugs in the bed, sometimes biting them

• Awakes to red, swollen skin that itches intensely 

• Finds evidence of bed bugs in the room (fecal matter, shed skins, live or dead bed bugs)

New Jersey pest control professionals report that most people don’t realize that airplanes and even airports are susceptible to bed bug infestations as well.  Airplanes and airports serve has hospitable environments for bed bugs because bed bugs are spread easily when humans are in close proximity to each other.  The frequent turnover of people that pass through the airport facility and travel on airplanes each day make traveling via airplanes somewhat of a concern.

The best way to protect yourself while you are traveling is to follow these instructions…

• Don’t place carry-on luggage on the floor of the airplane unless you bring a plastic bag to seal it inside of first.

• Sweep your hand inside of the airplane seat cushion to see if any bed bugs will be dislodged.  Check entire seat, including the headrest where bed bugs often are found hiding.

• Inspect for bed bugs on the inside and outside of your luggage before you bring it home at the end of your trip.

• During travel, keep luggage sealed when not in use.

• Immediately upon your arrival back home, launder all clothing in hot water and dry on the hottest dryer setting.

If you find that you have encountered bed bugs while traveling, contact Stern Environmental Services for expert bed bug eradication services in New York or New Jersey.