Bed Bugs…The Extremes

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the busiest traveling holiday of the year.  Over this past week, folks made their way to relative’s homes both near and far, went on trips to interesting destinations, slept in hotels and motels, took adventurous cruises, and flew on airplanes.  Despite the widespread media coverage about the ease of picking up bed bug while traveling, many people either did not heed the warning or were not well-versed in bed bug protocol while they traveled.

For some companies, finding bed bugs or the thought of bed bugs at their establishment can bring about…interesting results. reported on November 29, 2011 that the Internal Revenue Service in Seattle, Washington has discovered bed bugs in their office.  For many people who have endured an audit by the IRS, the thought of the IRS employees having their blood sucked by little creatures might seem funny and certainly the jokes about the situation are sure to fly.  According to the report, an employee found a bed bug, and then pest control was called in who also found a bed bug. Pest control brought a bed bug sniffing dog, which did not find any additional bed bugs so no treatment was done to the building.  An unnamed employee did admit that another bed bug has since been found, yet still no treatment has occurred in the building.  Bed bugs are either coming in with an employee or are in the house.  Regardless, they can expect them to spread!  You may read the article here.
In another interesting story, a Des Moines, Iowa elementary school teacher noticed “insect bites” on a student this week.  Thinking that the bites might be from bed bugs, three classrooms of about 75 children were sent home from school.  Perhaps the child went on vacation to someplace tropical over the Thanksgiving break and was bitten.  Maybe he/she rolled around in piles of leaves and has chiggers.  Maybe the kiddo’s house has fleas.  Maybe he/she is having an allergic reaction to laundry soap or food.  Maybe the child just has “winter itch”.    An inspection of the school yielded no bed bugs found.  Clearly sending 75 children home from school was overkill! You may read the article here.

Hiring a licensed pest control expert with experience in bed bug eradication services is wise when you think you have bed bugs.