NJ Pest Control Pros Can Help With Squirrel Invaders

When squirrels invade your attic or any other place in your home, you have a major problem on your hands say New Jersey pest control professionals.  Squirrels may look cute and cuddly with their fluffy tails, pointy nose, and long eyelashes, but in reality, they are a troublesome pest once they decide that your home is good enough to be their home.

Preventing a squirrel invasion in our New Jersey home can be a difficult task.  Squirrels are cleaver critters that use low lying branches from trees to gain access to the roof.  Once on the roof, squirrels will often gain access to the attic by entering through a breach in the attic vent area.  They have even been known to use their strong claws or teeth to break attic vents to gain access.  Squirrels, being the nimble creatures that they are, can easily travel along the gutters and swing their body around under the eve of a home and slip inside under the soffits.  Once they have gained access to your home, that’s when the real trouble begins.

Squirrels choose human habitats for the same reasons that people do…food sources, water, and shelter from the weather.  Once they find a suitable location, they will not leave on their own accord.  In fact, squirrels will continue to return to their nesting location year after year once the nesting site has been established.

Evicting squirrels from your home is not an easy process.  Cornered wild animals feel threatened and will not hesitate to bite and scratch, putting homeowners at great risk.  Stern Environmental Group understands the importance of removing these nuisance pests from a home or business quickly so we offer 24 hour emergency squirrel removal services.