NJ Pest Control Pro’s Warn Of Yellow Jackets

As the springtime approaches, many pests that have been off of our radar throughout the frigid months will suddenly make their presence known once again.  Like a light switch being turned on, creepy crawling bugs, knife-stabbing mosquitos, oodles of ants, and the never ending fly-by’s of the aggressive yellow jackets will make you wonder why you wished for spring in the first place!  With the anticipation of the upcoming spring, summer and autumn pest’s arrival, yellow jackets, hornets, and bees are ones that many people tend to worry about.

New Jersey pest control professionals are often called to homes and businesses to remove yellow jacket nests.  Unlike the docile honey bee, yellow jackets are indeed the most aggressive wasp that you will encounter.

Yellow jacket nests begin in the springtime with a single wasp, the queen.  She becomes active when the weather becomes warm enough for her survival.  Emerging from her nest in the late months of winter or early months of spring, the hungry queen will feed and then begin her new nest.  Yellow jackets are considered to be beneficial creatures, and predators, because they kill large numbers of nuisance flies and plant-feeding insects.  During the early months the larvae requires a large amount of protein in order to survive.  By the summertime, to maintain the developing larvae and queen, sweets are collected by the foraging workers.

New Jersey pest control experts find yellow jacket nests deep in abandoned rodent burrows or within buildings.  Indoors, wall voids, ceilings, and attics are favorable nesting sites for yellow jackets.  Besides being aggressive, yellow jacket colonies will become quite large each season.  Depending upon the species of yellow jackets, colonies can range in size from between 1,500 to 15,000 per season!

You can keep yellow jackets from harassing your family or business in New York or New Jersey by calling Stern Environmental Group.