Bed Bugs Vs. Carpet Beetles

First they are there, then they are not.

The verdict is…gavel please…carpet beetles!

Bed bug encounters are a constant threat among home and business owners report New Jersey pest control experts. The thought of bringing bed bugs home with you can easily bring any person panic as nobody wants to be on the menu of these blood thirsty pests, nor do they want to go through the hassle of the extermination process.

Several news stations in North Carolina reported on March 7, 2012 that the New Hanover County Courthouse had a bed bug infestation problem. In a surprising turn of events, County officials decided to close the entire courthouse so that pest control professionals would have full access to the facility so that they could eradicate the bloodsuckers with ease.

The closing resulted in a disruption of court cases as some were rescheduled, and some were moved into another building in an attempt to provide services to the public. In another surprising turn of events, WECT reported on March 8, 2012 that there were not any bed bugs in the courthouse after all. According to reports, the building is instead infested with carpet beetles! You may read the article here.

For the untrained person, carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs when they are found. Unlike bed bugs, which feed on blood, carpet beetles feed on entirely different substances and cause damage to the items that they nibble on. Before becoming adults, carpet beetles feed upon: carpet, woolen fabrics, furs, preserved items, and stored food sources. Once they become adults, they must consume pollen and nectar to survive. Carpet beetles are small insects with a rounded body, and short antennae. They are easily distinguishable by their multi-spotted bodies, which bed bugs do not have.

A New Jersey pest control professional will be able to properly identify carpet beetles, bed bugs, as well as other types of annoying pests. Contact Stern Environmental Group for quality pest control services in New Jersey and New York.