Squirrels Listed In The “Top 100 Invasive Species”

Personally, I think that squirrels are cute.  They frolic through the yard without a care in the world.  I found a baby squirrel that was lost or abandoned by its mother a few years back. That baby was soft as silk and sweet as can be.  A short time of rehabilitation and it was ready to live in the wild once again.

Here’s an interesting fact…the Eastern Gray Squirrel is listed as one of the Top 100 Invasive Species in the world by the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG).  How can a critter that looks so sweet be considered “invasive” you might ask?…probably for a variety of reasons!

The Eastern Gray Squirrel has been successfully thriving from coast to coast in all types of environments in Northern America report New Jersey pest control professionals.

Because of their ability to multiply and expand their horizons, and the damage that they cause to crops, landscaping, as well as all types of structures, the Eastern Gray Squirrel is feared in some parts of Canada.  About 100 years ago, the Eastern Gray Squirrel was introduced from the United States to Stanley Park in Vancouver Park in Vancouver, BC.  Since then, the squirrels have spread throughout the region, and entomologists and wildlife professionals are concerned about the impact that the squirrels have already caused as well as what they will cause over time.

The problem with squirrels is that they are one of the most destructive pests once they enter into your home.  NJ pest control professionals report that once squirrels make their way indoors and make a nesting site, they are unlikely to leave on their own.  Sealing up entryways while the squirrels are out searching for food each day may help, but squirrels have strong claws and teeth that enable them to rip and chew their way through many types of material.  Because of their constant need to file down their continually growing teeth, squirrels constantly gnaw on items.  Squirrels have been known to cause electrical wire damage which has caused fires in homes and businesses.

If your home becomes infested by squirrels it is time to call a New York or New Jersey pest control professional.  Stern Environmental Group has experience with humanly capturing wild animals from homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey.

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  1. I have some neighbors that have had pigeon nests on their secondary roof line for as long as I have lived in the neighborhood. My concerns go beyond cosmetics, yes they look ugly but what happens when the parasites including fleas, ticks and who knows what move out. I had a call several years ago about bed bugs but it turned out to be bat bugs, the Mexican Free Tailed bats had moved on and now the bat bugs were looking for food. This is also the case with squirrels, yes I like them outside but I don’t think I want them living in my attic. Great information to pass along.

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