Squirrels Won’t Abide By “Keep Out” Signs

Squirrels are cleaver critters.  They are fun outdoors as they romp around and scurry up a tree but the problem comes when they decide that your home would make a suitable home for their family.

Squirrels are well-known for their ability to gain access to attic areas of homes.  Because of their small size, ability to climb with ease, and graceful agility, squirrels are a difficult pest to keep outdoors.  Despite their fear of humans and pets, squirrels are perfectly happy living in the attic of your home!  Attics provide the perfect shelter area for squirrels and plenty of space for a female squirrel that is looking for a place to raise a young family.

Squirrels often gain access to the attic via the roof.  Depending on the type of roof you have, squirrels may chew or claw their way into the attic area.  Squirrels are excellent jumpers.  You can help prevent squirrels from gaining access to the roof by keeping tree branches trimmed back at least eight feet from the roof.  Squirrels also gain access to the attic via the attic venting units.  To keep squirrels out, it is important to cover any attic holes with heavy gage wire screen.  Be sure to attach the screening on all corners as well as in the middle section so that squirrels cannot shimmy their way in between.

Squirrels that have made an attic their home will cause serious and costly damage to New Jersey homeowners report NJ pest control experts.  Squirrel feces and urine carry bacteria that are dangerous to humans, so it must be carefully removed from the premises.  Squirrel fecal matter is an open invitation to other squirrels to enter the attic as well.  Like other rodents, squirrels constantly gnaw on a variety of substances to ground down their oversized teeth.  This constant gnawing has resulted in electrical wires being chewed and exposed, and at times, serious fires have erupted.

A New Jersey pest control professional can help get rid of all types of unwanted rodents and wildlife that have invaded your home.  Call Stern Environmental Group for expert services.