Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Put Those Bed Bugs In The Wash Tub! Part 1 Of 3

A good bed bug exterminator with experience in bed bug eradication utilizes a multitude of different control tactics when called to the scene of a bed bug infested home, hotel, motel, apartment, or business.  The particular level of infestation, location of the bed bugs, or other factors, will prompt the use of heat treatment, Cryonite (freezing), monitoring, trapping, pesticide use, bed bug sniffing dogs, etc.  At times, a combination of tactics will be used to rid a location of the blood thirsty pests.

Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking from place to place on any person that they encounter.  Because of their tiny size and elusive behavior, they can and will hide anyplace that they have hitchhiked to.  It would not be uncommon to find bed bugs lurking within the confines of the sheets, blankets, or pillows on a bed.  It would also not be uncommon to find these bloodsuckers hiding among clothing in drawers, closets, and laundry baskets.

One of the dilemmas that bed bug exterminators and consumers face when bed bugs are present is what should be done with fabric items (ie…clothing and bedding etc.) that are crawling with bed bugs.  Dr. Mike Merchant, author of “Insects in the City” at Texas A & M AgriLIFE Extension shared important information about research that was conducted by two scientists at the University of Sheffield in England.  Their research about how to kill bed bugs and their eggs via laundering will help both consumers and bed bug exterminators stop bed bugs from spreading so that they won’t be moved from place to place via fabric items at the onset of the eradication procedure.

Please check back on Wednesday for Part 2.