Say Good-Bye To NJ Squirrels In The Attic

Squirrels are cute, but they are not the brightest critter in your backyard.  In fact, a squirrel’s brain is about the size of a walnut.  New Jersey pest control professionals find that squirrels are quite territorial.  They tend to distinctly mark their territory by urinating, chewing holes, and leaving chew marks for other squirrels to see.

Many New Jersey residents have found that do-it-yourself methods that attempt to keep squirrels out of their home was completely futile.  Adding additional boarding to locations where squirrels have already gained entry will not keep squirrels out.  Their strong teeth and nimble climbing ability allows them to be able to slip in and out of any type of location with the greatest of ease.

You don’t need to worry about squirrels that are rambling through your yard, but you do need to take notice of aggressive “marking” signs that occur on or near your home.  These signs are an indication that a squirrel will soon be calling your home…theirs!  Here’s what to look for…

• On the roof…look for roof shingles that are stained with urine.

• In trees near the home…Look for chew marks left on trees.

• Anywhere on the interior or exterior of the home:  Look for chew marks on electrical wiring.  This can be a very dangerous situation due to potential fire risks!

Like many other types of rodents, squirrels are always working to keep their front incisors in tip-top shape so they will not hesitate to chew on any substance to sharpen their ever- growing teeth.

A New Jersey pest control professional will be able to find the best solution to rid your home of pesky squirrels.  Call Stern Environmental Group for expert services in New Jersey and New York.  We specialize in humane squirrel removal services.