You Can’t Beat The Heat Of A PackTite!

NJ pest control experts report that all stages of bed bugs reach certain death when they are subjected to temperatures over 113 degrees.  Stern Environmental Group offers the perfect solution to killing bed bugs on personal property.  The PackTite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber is available in small and large sizes.  Use the small one for killing bed bugs and their eggs in backpacks, luggage, blankets, coats, toys, or other sensitive items.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently underwent a massive bed bug infestation problem in many of their student dorm facilities.  It has been reported that they spent over $300,000 ridding the campus of the bloodsucking pests by utilizing several bed bug sniffing dogs and heat treatment.  Not wanting to have bed bugs plague the facilities again, the University bought eight PackTite units that will be used to treat luggage, backpacks, and other small items that are brought in by students who have gone home for weekends and holidays as well as incoming students.

The PackTite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber is an invaluable tool in helping curtail bed bug infestations.  Hotels will benefit from having a unit on site.  If a guest happens to find bed bugs in their room, the hotel can kill any bed bugs that have hitched a ride in their luggage or personal belongings in a matter of hours, causing minimal disruption to the guest.  The PackTite Closet is a perfect solution for hotels as its larger size allows for more air and heat circulation.  Any bed bugs or their eggs will not stand a chance in this unit when the temperature reaches 120 to 140 degrees.  It has been proven to kill all bed bugs, in all life stages, in just two hours!

You can find both the large and small size PackTite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber at Stern Environmental Group.

Bed Bugs In Rental Furniture?

Often times, people who are living on a limited income may turn to picking up second hand furniture as a means of furnishing their homes.  Many people are finding out that this is not often a good choice as they have unwittingly introduced bed bugs into their home. reported on April 13, 2012 that a woman claims that she rented a bed and two couches from a national furniture rental store.  She claims that her son began receiving strange welts in October of 2011, but she did not know what the marks were.  After several months, she eventually went into her son’s room late at night and turned on the light only to find bed bugs crawling all over his mattress, pillow, body and face.  She called the furniture company and had the bed removed. The son then slept on a couch and began receiving bed bug bites.  A Pest control expert flipped the couches over and found bed bugs continuously crawling in and out of the underside of the sofas.  Bed bug eggs were also in abundance.  The couches were completely infested.  A call to the rental company met with their speedy removal, but no admission of guilt for causing the bed bugs.

You may read the article here and be sure to check out the video link showing the massive amount of bed bugs popping out of the couch and their eggs surrounding them.  Gross!

Bed bugs can be costly to eradicate.  When dealing with rental furniture, many companies are quick to blame the renter for causing the infestation, even when the bed bugs are discovered immediately.  When a renter does not discover the infestation until months down the line, it opens up the possibility that bed bugs were caused by the multi-unit housing complex and a battle usually ensues as to who is legally responsible for the bed bug eradication procedures.

For fast NJ and NYC bed bug removal services, contact Stern Environmental Group.

The Opossum…Friend Or Foe?

Some people think that opossums are interesting creatures, some think they are frightening horrible looking rat-like creatures.  Most people do classify opossums as pests regardless if they are walking through their backyard or inhabiting their attic.

Opossums are the only marsupials that are native to the United States.  They are transient creatures that usually only stay in one area for a period of 2 to 3 days, unless a mother has a litter of babies to take care of.  They are commonly found in agricultural areas, woodlands, and neighborhoods with suitable living environments and food sources.  They are usually attracted to neighborhoods by pet food that is left outdoors, over-ripe fruit that has dropped from trees, and dense shrubbery that they can hide under.

Like other rodents, opossums carry a variety of different vector pests which are dangerous to humans.  Fleas, which transmit Typhus and ticks, which transmit Lyme disease should be of particular concern to homeowners as these diseases can cause lifelong illnesses.

Having opossums around outdoors is not always a bad thing as they are scavengers that feed off of a variety of things.  Being scavengers, their natural diet includes eating plant matter, rotting fruit, insects, snails, slugs, and rodents and other small vertebrate animals, as well as dead animals.  They will not hesitate to invade trash cans and pet food bowls for a tasty meal.

Opossums are very adaptable to the environment surrounding them.  When looking for a suitable nesting site, it is not uncommon for a resourceful opossum to climb a tree or bush that is touching a roof to gain access to a home’s attic space.  Attics provide ample space and shelter from the elements for opossums.  Not being good house guests, these creatures will use the attic as their own personal toilet causing extensive damage to insulation and wood sources.

Stern Environmental Group will be able to humanely remove any opossum that has taken up residence in your NY or NJ home.  Call us today to learn about our opossum removal and exclusion services.

Say Good-Bye To NJ Squirrels In The Attic

Squirrels are cute, but they are not the brightest critter in your backyard.  In fact, a squirrel’s brain is about the size of a walnut.  New Jersey pest control professionals find that squirrels are quite territorial.  They tend to distinctly mark their territory by urinating, chewing holes, and leaving chew marks for other squirrels to see.

Many New Jersey residents have found that do-it-yourself methods that attempt to keep squirrels out of their home was completely futile.  Adding additional boarding to locations where squirrels have already gained entry will not keep squirrels out.  Their strong teeth and nimble climbing ability allows them to be able to slip in and out of any type of location with the greatest of ease.

You don’t need to worry about squirrels that are rambling through your yard, but you do need to take notice of aggressive “marking” signs that occur on or near your home.  These signs are an indication that a squirrel will soon be calling your home…theirs!  Here’s what to look for…

• On the roof…look for roof shingles that are stained with urine.

• In trees near the home…Look for chew marks left on trees.

• Anywhere on the interior or exterior of the home:  Look for chew marks on electrical wiring.  This can be a very dangerous situation due to potential fire risks!

Like many other types of rodents, squirrels are always working to keep their front incisors in tip-top shape so they will not hesitate to chew on any substance to sharpen their ever- growing teeth.

A New Jersey pest control professional will be able to find the best solution to rid your home of pesky squirrels.  Call Stern Environmental Group for expert services in New Jersey and New York.  We specialize in humane squirrel removal services.

NYC Rats Still Running Amuck In The City

Rats living in New York City are as common as people are say NY pest control professionals.  Some experts even believe that for every New York resident, there is a rat living somewhere in a building, park, subway, restaurant, apartment, alley way, or burrow.  Walk the streets late at night and there’s no doubt that New York City rats continue to thrive as they scamper from trash can to trash can searching for a tasty meal.  Any morsel of food dropped on the street serves as a feast to the always hungry rat in the city.

Rats are a particular problem in areas where home and business owners are dumping plastic bags curbside instead of placing them into tightly covered trash cans.  Rats have strong teeth and claws which can easily rip open plastic bags enabling them to gain access to food waste products.  Once inside, it is a variable smorgasbord which attracts many rats in the area.  Even when trash receptacles are used, failing to properly seal them will result in an invasion of filthy disease ridden rats.

The New York Daily News reported on April 5, 2012 that the City New York City Health Department has released their new figures for rat hotspots in the city.  Although the numbers are a bit better than they were in 2010, clearly more work needs to be done to eradicate these vermin as they still pose a serious threat to New York City residents.  You may read the article here.

Don’t wait for the City Health Department to make a visit to your home requiring that you take action against pesky rats.  Hiring a licensed NYC pest control professional with experience in rat removal services will get rid of disease carrying vermin quickly.  Call Stern Environmental Group today for fast rat eradication services.