Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Put Those Bed Bugs In The Wash Tub! Part 3 Of 3

Continuing from Wednesday… The research showed that bed bugs will die on high temperature in the dryer.  Their experiment contained a 7.7 pound laundry load.  They found that the load must run for at least 30 minutes in order to kill all of the bugs.  Washing clothing on high heat for at least 30 minutes killed all stages of bed bugs and their eggs.  In contrast, washing on the warm cycle killed all adults and nymphs, but only 25% of the eggs met their demise.  The study also revealed that soaking clothing for 24 hours in cold water killed all adult and nymph bed bugs, but the eggs were unaffected by their time in the water.  Clearly, heat is a major factor in successfully killing bed bug infestations.

Preparing your house for bed bug treatment by a pest control professional is an arduous task. Laundering your bed bug infested items can be frustrating and time consuming.  In an effort to provide our customers with the best and most convenient alternatives, Stern Environmental Group offers the Mobile Bed Bug Heating Trailer.  No longer do you have to throw away expensive furniture or suffer though the frustration of laundering a houseful of clothing and bedding.  When you use the Mobile Bed Bug Heating Trailer, heat sensitive bed bugs are killed at one time using heat that reaches temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our special temperature probes and computer monitoring ensures that all bed bugs and their eggs are dead, even ones that are hidden deep within the confines of furniture.

Having bed bugs invade your home is a difficult task to deal with.  Let Stern’s specially trained team safely pack up your belongings and move them into the Mobile Bed Bug Heating Trailer for fast and accurate thermal remediation.

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Put Those Bed Bugs In The Wash Tub! Part 2 Of 3

Continuing from Monday… Search the internet and you will many different articles suggesting different ways to deal with bed bug infested laundry.  As many consumers have learned, not all information they read online is accurate.  Two scientists, R. A. Naylor and C. J. Boase, from the University of Sheffield in England performed tests to find out exactly what kills bed bugs in laundry.  Their interesting research is sure to help those who are suffering through a bed bug infestation.

Treating bed bugs on clothing and other fabric items should be handled carefully.  Consumers should take special care when moving things around and taking items out of infested rooms.  Items should be packed up or placed in a bin so that bed bugs cannot drop off and spread to other locations in the home.  Some pest control experts report that running bed bug infested items through the dryer only is sufficient in killing all stages of bed bugs.  It should be noted that some consumers have reported that they have found that some bed bugs have been able to survive this would-be cycle of death by slipping into, and lurking in the dryer vent area.  NYC pest control experts recommend washing AND drying all bed bug infested clothing on hot heat in order to obtain absolute kill of bed bugs.

According to the “Insects in the City” article authored by Dr. Mike Merchant at Texas A & M AgriLIFE Extension, the research performed will help in the disinfection process of laundry.

According to their findings, all stages of bed bugs are killed during the dry cleaning process.  Some consumers are finding that some dry cleaners will not provide treatment for bed bug infested clothing.  It is important to advise a dry cleaner of the infestation as they typically have special protocol that is followed so that they do not become infested.

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Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Put Those Bed Bugs In The Wash Tub! Part 1 Of 3

A good bed bug exterminator with experience in bed bug eradication utilizes a multitude of different control tactics when called to the scene of a bed bug infested home, hotel, motel, apartment, or business.  The particular level of infestation, location of the bed bugs, or other factors, will prompt the use of heat treatment, Cryonite (freezing), monitoring, trapping, pesticide use, bed bug sniffing dogs, etc.  At times, a combination of tactics will be used to rid a location of the blood thirsty pests.

Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking from place to place on any person that they encounter.  Because of their tiny size and elusive behavior, they can and will hide anyplace that they have hitchhiked to.  It would not be uncommon to find bed bugs lurking within the confines of the sheets, blankets, or pillows on a bed.  It would also not be uncommon to find these bloodsuckers hiding among clothing in drawers, closets, and laundry baskets.

One of the dilemmas that bed bug exterminators and consumers face when bed bugs are present is what should be done with fabric items (ie…clothing and bedding etc.) that are crawling with bed bugs.  Dr. Mike Merchant, author of “Insects in the City” at Texas A & M AgriLIFE Extension shared important information about research that was conducted by two scientists at the University of Sheffield in England.  Their research about how to kill bed bugs and their eggs via laundering will help both consumers and bed bug exterminators stop bed bugs from spreading so that they won’t be moved from place to place via fabric items at the onset of the eradication procedure.

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