Invading Rats And Mice Cause Trouble For NYC Businesses

Rats have been a problem in New York City since people, boats and goods began arriving in the area report NYC pest control professionals.  These critters need three things for survival…food, water, and safe living quarters.  Rat and mice infestations survive quite well in the controlled environment of commercial establishments, businesses, and warehouses.

Because many business establishments are not open 24 hours a day/7 days per week, rats and mice have the opportunity to easily infest a building or business and operate uninterrupted.  Storage facilities and restaurants that house large amounts of food products are highly susceptible to rat and mice populations.  While these locations remain quiet during the nighttime hours, rats and mice are able to chew and claw their way into precious food supplies, contaminating all that they touch.  It is estimated that rats and mice contaminate 20% of all of the food sources in the world.

Rats and mice are resourceful creatures.  They don’t care much about what they eat report NYC pest control professionals.  Rats and mice are typically nocturnal creatures, but will come out during the daytime hours if they are in need of food or water, or if their nesting area has been disturbed.

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