Are Carpenter Bees Driving You Buggy?

They are big, hairy, and scary looking.  They buzz around you while you are walking to your car, working in the garden, or sitting on your front porch.  People often wonder what they want as they just appear to be staring at you as they lurk about.

They are carpenter bees!  For many people, carpenter bees are considered to be a nuisance pest as they lurk, buzz, and dive bomb.  They are non-aggressive, but still an annoying pest none-the-less.  Male carpenter bees are harmless and do not have a stinger.  Most of the time male carpenter bees are the ones that tend to do the buzzing around people.  This show of force is one way that they “show-off” for their female counterpart.

The female carpenter bee tends to hang out closely by the chosen nesting site.  She is the one that works feverishly to create the nest as she prepares to lay her eggs.  Females are not considered aggressive, but they do have a stinger and they will sting you if you take a swat at them or if they think you are threating their nest or budding babies.

Carpenter bees drill holes in new and old wood for their nests.  Each hole that is created is used by subsequent generations as well.  The deck railing is often the target of the resourceful carpenter bee.

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