The Environmental Protection Agency’s New Bed Bug Clearinghouse Website

The Environmental Protection Agency has created a website called the Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse which will benefit pest control professionals, business operators, communities, and homeowners alike.  The material provided on the website is a collaboration of material gathered from federal agencies, state and local government, extension services, and universities.  The Environmental Protection Agency is hoping that this website will serve as a major resource tool for all states as they fight the war against bed bug eradication.

The Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse contains information about bed bug biology, detection and monitoring, non-chemical control of bed bugs, management of bed bugs, pesticides that are used to combat bed bugs, and information on how to prevent bed bug infestations.

Visitors to the website will find interesting bed bug articles, brochures, useful checklists, factsheets, manuals, presentations, videos, and recommended website links that should be frequented.  Users of the Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse will need the current Adobe Reader, which is available for free, to view some of the files that are available on the website.

With this extensive amount of information that is available, anyone who visits this website will be well informed about every aspect of bed bugs.  Although mostly available in English, some of the informational guidelines are also available in Spanish, Chinese and French as well.

The EPA Bed Bug Clearinghouse is a great resource for pest control professionals to utilize for their own informational purposes.  PCP’s should also encourage customers to visit the website so they can learn about prevention and control of these horrific bloodsucking pests.