Do Bedbugs Transmit Disease?

A question that continues to arise for NJ pest control professionals is whether or not bed bugs transmit diseases to humans or pets.  This particular subject is one that has been, and continues to be, a matter of research for scientists around the globe.

The current findings from scientists are that bed bugs do not transmit diseases and that bed bugs are only considered to be a “nuisance pest”.  Anyone who has ever gone through the painstaking task of eliminating a bed bug infestation or is currently enduring one may have a differing opinion than the “experts” in the field do on the subject.

Bed bugs may not currently be known to transmit diseases, but they are known to cause a tremendous amount of trouble for people once they have moved into their homes.  Many people suffer from insomnia, anxiety, painful bites, scarring, and the humiliation from having the little vampires sharing a bed with them.  Bed bug victims are often isolated from friends and family members out of fear of transmitting the pests to other homes.  Relationships have been stressed, as the blood thirsty pests cause significant financial strains and emotional trouble for couples.  Children are affected as they are fearful of sleeping in their own beds and of having someone discover that they have transported the tiny bugs to school.

Scientists have been wrong in their findings of other issues before and it is possible they could eventually be wrong in their findings when it comes to bed bugs as well.  If you have bed bugs in your home or business, contact a NJ pest control expert.  Stop by our website to see the vast array of services that we have available for New York and New Jersey clients.