No Bed Bug Laws Will Likely Bring Lawsuits Later!

State officials, like those in NY, that have been in the trenches battling NY bed bugs for an extensive period of time have learned many things.  They have learned that these tenacious bloodsuckers require a pest control professional for full eradication.  They have learned that ignoring a bed bug infestation will cause them to spread like wildfire.  They have learned that in rental properties, both landlords and tenants alike must work together to achieve full elimination of the pests.  Ultimately, officials have learned that they needed to create rules and guidelines that everyone must follow when it comes to NY bed bug infestations.  These rules apply to tenants, landlords, businesses, and NY pest control professionals as well.

The Eastsider reported on May 21, 2012 that a couple in a Los Angeles area apartment was recently faced with a bed bug infestation.  The landlord did hire a pest control professional to exterminate the bugs, but the couple made the decision to throw out most of their possessions.  Eventually, the couple decided to move into a new apartment.

According to reports, their new landlord made them sign a statement that their apartment had “NO BUGS” and another statement that they too were “Bug Free”.  In most cases, it is impossible for people to know if bed bugs exist in a property immediately upon moving in, unless there is evidence of shed skins, dead bed bugs, or blood smears.  Landlords who force a tenant to sign such a statement are simply covering themselves for future claims for bed bugs.  Tenants should be wary about signing such agreements as you never know if bed bugs will come creeping in the dead of night from the apartment next door!