Is There A Safe Amount Of “Vermin” To Have In A Restaurant?

Vermin is described as mice, cockroaches, flies, rats, or other types of insects that will infest food products.  All types of food establishments and facilities within the United States must be maintained and operated free of vermin.  There are state and local laws in every jurisdiction that must be followed.

Besides being disgusting to look at, having vermin around food and the public is dangerous.  These laws are set in place to protect people from the dangers associated with disease ridden vermin which are known carriers of dangerous bacteria and pathogens.  Vermin will also contaminate food and food surfaces with their urine, saliva, and fecal matter.

Incidentally, years ago while living and working in downtown Los Angeles, I picked up lunch at a popular eatery that I had frequented hundreds of times.  After eating half of my meal, I was horrified to find a dead cockroach cooked alongside the rest of my meal.  I immediately called the Health Department which in turn came to my office, took possession of my “roach meal” and promptly headed to the restaurant to close its doors.  I was never informed as to what all was found, but the vermin infestation must have been horrific.  The restaurant remained closed for over 2 months.  Their reputation was never the same after the incident.  Where there was once a daily line out the door to eat their delicious food, the vermin shut down caused customers to stay away permanently. I passed the restaurant every day and never saw more than one customer inside.

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