NYC Drops As #1 Ranked Bedbug City In America!

For most cities, being ranked #1 is a good thing.  One of the lists that you definitely do not want to make the “Top 15” of, let alone the number #1 spot is Terminix’s Top 15 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities in the US list.  That is one dubious title that city leaders from coast to coast want to avoid.

Due to the massive upswing in bed bug activity over the past 10 years that has plagued American citizens, Terminix began to keep track of the nation’s bed bug hotspots.  The news of which cities have made their list each year has been both disturbing and helpful.

It is no secret that the majority of the world has considered New York City as the epicenter of the bed bug activity in the United States claim NYC pest control experts.  Through extensive work, regulations, education, an online portal with incredible information, and help from experienced NYC pest control professionals; it appears that the tides are turning on NYC bed bugs.

According to InvestorPlace on June 11, 2012, NYC is no longer listed as the #1 metropolitan area with the largest amount of bed bugs.  Dropping to the #3 position on the list shows that the problems with NYC bed bugs still exist, but they are significantly improving.  This news does fall in line with the reports that complaints about bed bugs to the NY Department of Housing, Preservation and Development dropped significantly this past fiscal year.

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