Squirrels In The Attic Spell Trouble For Humans

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common squirrel that is seen from coast to coast report NJ pest control professionals.  They have two breeding seasons per year, from December through February and again from May through June.  Their litters can range in size depending on the time of year that they are born.

Squirrels are very successful and adaptable creatures.  They are known to travel for miles looking for a good source of food.  Once discovered, they will build a new nesting site.  Preferring to build their nest high among the treetops, when none are available, squirrels will look for the next highest location to live in…an attic.

Squirrels can enter your attic looking for a place to nest at any time of the year.  Because of the sharp claws they are able to work their way into small breaches that may go unnoticed by a homeowner.  Squirrels enter attics through tiny gaps in vents, holes in roofs, soffits that are in disrepair, and the eaves of homes.

Homeowners who notice strange noises in the attic or scampering across their ceiling may have an uninvited guest in their attic.  Once one squirrel enters a home, it does not take long for others to join in the fun.  Squirrels will use the attic as a storage hub for their winter stockpile of nuts and berries.  Other creatures like skunks, opossums, mice, and rats, as well as insect pests, are also attracted to their food and will come in droves if discovered.

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