Freeze Bloodsucking Bed Bugs With Cryonite

NY and NJ pest control professionals continue to receive calls from customers who are fed up with being nibbled on by blood thirsty bed bugs.  Recent studies have shown that using traditional bug bombs are disasterous when it comes to treating bed bug infestations.  Bug bombs do not reach into the cracks, crevices, mattresses, dressers, walls, electrical outlets, and all of the other locations where bed bugs hide. Once bed bugs detect the bug bomb pesticide, they quickly move in the opposite direction, spreading the infestation to other rooms or adjoining apartments, condos, hotel rooms, etc.

For a safe, non-pesticide, non-toxic alternative to bed bug eradication, Stern Environmental Group is offering Cryonite.

Previously used extensively throughout Australia and Europe, Americans now have the satisfaction of killing bed bugs without the use of harmful pesticides.  Cryonite will eliminate bed bugs, as well as other pests, by blasting them with a fast burst of carbon dioxide snow.  The deep freeze that the bugs encounter kills bed bugs and their eggs quickly and efficiently.  Cryonite does not leave a wet sloppy mess, but instead melts completely dry.  This amazing technology allows us to penetrate into deep cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide.  Cryonite is also safe for all types of carpet and fabrics.

Stern Environmental Group has many different products and services that we offer both business and residential customers.  We invite you to stop by our website to see how we can help you keep bed bugs from attacking and eradicate them if they have invaded.